7:00   - 7:30      Jim
7:45   - 8:15      Danny Ray
8:30   - 9:00      Jeff
9:15   - 9:45      Stacy
10:00 - 10:30    Joel
10:45 - 11:15    Bill**
11:15 - 11:45*   Grand Finale
Song Key Comments
Danny Ray:   Danny's dropbox files
I Believe I Have The Blues G 1) accapella start come in on the IV; 2) stop in the bridge; 
Big Boss Man E train-liike beat like memphis; some stops; Sort of like this version.
2:19 am 2:19 - Tom Waits; stays on the 1; 
Built For Comfort E Built for Comfort - Howlin' Wolf (starts on the V)
Best Could Happen Yet E Hooker/ZZtop kinda groove 2 chords; Kind of like Radar Love groove; 
Scratch My Back A Boogaloo with a little chicken pickin; 
You Upset Me Baby am Joe Bonamassa style
That's The Blues E drop box file
Willin' G acoustic;  just Jeff and Jeff
Start It Up E Robben Ford and the Blue Line
Congo Square cm Congo Square - Sonny Landreth
Teeny Weeny Bit G James Cotton Band version
Ain't No Sunshine am Menteer sings
Lie to Me am Lie To Me - Jonny Lang
Rock Me Baby G Original BB King version
Ol' 55   Ol' 55 - Tom Waits (Youtube)
One Way Out   One Way Out - Allman Bros (Youtube)
Stacy:   Note: Stacy's songs not in order that she might want to do them.  Plus,   there are extra songs here so could be any of these.
29 Ways C  
Little By Little A based on Susan Tedeschi version
Hound Dog E Big Momma Thortan version
Blues Is In The House gm https://stacyjonesband.bandcamp.com/track/blues-is-in-the-house
Hurts So Bad A Susan Tedeschi vesrion
T-Bone Shuffle B https://stacyjonesband.bandcamp.com/track/t-bone-shuffle
Heavy Water E https://stacyjonesband.bandcamp.com/track/heavy-water-3
I Think I Feel Like Leavin'  D https://stacyjonesband.bandcamp.com/track/i-think-i-feel-like-leavin-3
One Stop Light A https://stacyjonesband.bandcamp.com/track/one-stoplight
Summertime am  
Bad Boy A Bad Boy - Joel Astley and Jesse Weston
Since I Put Whiskey Down F Since I Put Whiskey Down - Joel (Youtube)
Money Talks F (see local file)
Hip Shake A Hip Shake - Joel Astley and Jesse Weston (Youtube)
Work With What You Got F 2 Guys & A Broad - Work With What You Got 
Walking To My Baby G Walking To My Baby - Fabulous Thunderbirds
Ain't Gonna Do It Bb Kim Fields - Aint Gonna Do It
Born In Chicago A  
Born in Chicago G  
Shake, Rattle & Roll A Joe Turner version
For What It's Worth F Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth
    Wide Spread Panic - For What It's Worth
My Babe E Little Walter version
Low Rider G  
Space Cowboy E Steve Miller Live
Working Man's Blues E Merle Haggard version
Got My Mojo Working E  
Walking Blues G  
Messing With the Kid A or C?